The Camp Store is located in the heart of camp and is open every afternoon during Free Camper Activity Time (FCAT) 1 & 2. Campers are able to purchase a snack, a drink or some awesome camp merchandise here during this time. Items in the camp store range from $0.75 to $30.

We limit campers to one purchased drink and snack a day. A typical Camp Store snack that your camper could purchase would be a candy bar or bag of chips. Gatorade will be in stock as well. There is always a free snack offered in the Camp Store daily.



How do I add money to my camper’s Camp Store Account?

Prior to the start of camp, you will be able to add funds to camper’s Camp Store Account. This can be done while completing the application, online through Camp-In-Touch or at Check-In. Please do not send cash to camp with your camper. This is a great opportunity to talk to your camper about budgeting.

How much do you recommend putting on my camper’s account?

Most parents will put between $20-$35 in their camper’s Camp Store Account. We recommend a minimum of $10 per camper with the average being $30. Choosing to fund your camper's Camp Store Account is completely up to you and is by no means a requirement.

Can I track my camper’s Camp Store balance?

Yep! You can track your camper’s spending by logging into your Camp-In-Touch Account and clicking on View Camp Store Account. If you would like to add more Camp Store funds throughout the week you can also do that here. Please note that we are unable to extend credit to campers that spend all of their funds before the end of the session.

What happens if we have leftover Camp Store funds at the end of the session?

When you pick your camper up on Check-Out day make sure you stop by the Camp Store to check your balance. If you have less than $5 left you can choose to spend it or it will be automatically donated to the Kids to Camp Scholarship Fund. This fund allows us to help get children to camp who would otherwise not be able to attend. Last year we were able to scholarship 3 children because of these donations. If your balance is greater than $5 you can choose to buy things from the Camp Store or donate the remaining balance to our Kids to Camp Scholarship Fund.

“The Camp Benson experience created memories our daughter will have for a lifetime.  She has gained skills; like trying new things and making friends in a new situation.”- Camper Parent

YMCA Camp Benson

16355 Scenic Palisades Rd.

Mount Carroll, Illinois

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