2018 Weekly Themes

Updated: May 3, 2018

Adventure Camp 1

Wild West Week – Howdy Partner! Bring your lassos and your Cowboy boots for Wild West Week! The pesky Bug Eyed McGraw and his league of Bandits are trying to make camp into a farm. Become a deputy to the sheriff and show that camp is the best place this side of the Mississippi. We’ll have a hoedown, horses (not real), and special target sports!

Adventure Camp 2

Holiday Week – What’s the best part about celebrating Holidays? Celebrating them one after another! Come and experience Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and many others as we rock through the calendar!

Adventure Camp 3/Mega & MINI

Extreme H2O – Nothing like a week full of water activities to have fun in the sun! Extra time in the river with kayaks and tubes are dreams come true in 90 degree weather! So bring your towels and sunscreen!


Survivor Week – Teams come together to win prizes and competitions. Team unity and strategy are key to success! No one gets voted off this island!

Adventure Camp 4

Jurassic Park Week – We have dinosaurs at camp and we need help finding them! Come dig for bones, track foot prints and play some loud all camp games to get them out of hiding!

Adventure Camp 5

Super Hero Week – Channel your inner Iron Man or Wonder Woman and find out your powers! Join the league super heros as we help the citizens of Camp Benson and defeat the evil villains!

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